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Beginner's Guide to Roulette

Roulette is a popular Casino Game that will have your adrenaline pumping. The thrilling sound of the Roulette Wheel spinning is attention grabbing for any casino player. However, first time players may be left feeling overwhelmed.

The French diminutive for the Roulette game is “little wheel”. Since its invention, this “little wheel” has been anything but little when it comes to excitement and winning. During the 17th century, Frenchman Blaise Pascal was working on his probability studies which lead to the invention of what he called a perpetual motion machine. After a few modifications, this perpetual motion machine became known as the Roulette Wheel.

Roulette as we know it today, has been around since the late 17th century, originally in Paris. The earlier version of the game contained numbers 0-36 on the Roulette Wheel. Over the years this has given path for slight changes and new rules to be developed. In addition, new variants of the game have also been developed.

Great mystery and intrigue surround this fascinating game today. If a player were to add up all the numbers on the roulette wheel, they get a total of 666. This adds even more mystery to the game, as it is not clear what the significance of 666 is. Nonetheless, Roulette is still a popular choice for many casino players.

The Internet revolution has generated an increased interest in this already popular casino game. One significant difference players face in this fast paced casino game is the spinning of the Roulette Wheel. In majority of land based casinos, the Roulette Wheel never stops spinning which can be intimidating for beginner players. However, with Online Roulette players get to spin the Roulette Wheel when they are ready.

There are some basic features which may make first time players feel stuck whether to play or not. With a new meaning given to roulette- “wheel of fortune” no payer should ever feel stuck. To make things even easier, Golden Riviera Casino offers an exclusive e-book which informs players about everything they need to know about Roulette.

This FREE Roulette e-book contains all the answers to every imaginable question about Roulette. It will have all beginner players playing like pros in no time. It also offers great strategies which experienced players can adopt to see epic payouts.

This exclusive Roulette ebook includes:

1. The rules of Roulette 
• Betting Rules:  how to bet, when to bet, minimum and maximum bets

2. The various Roulette pay-outs
• Split
• Street
• Corner

3. A little Roulette history
• Difference between French and American styles of play.

4. Roulette betting strategies
• Martingale
• Grand Martingale 

beginners guide to roulette 

Whatever it is you are looking for to help you get started, this e-book is your go-to-guide. It is beneficial for all levels of skill players, and will have you winning in no time. So learn if you are a beginner, learn how to play Roulette, and if you are an experienced player, get a few extra tips with this guide from Golden Riviera Casino.