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Beginner's Guide to Poker

Video Poker may be one of the least intimidating casino games for new players, however, there is still the possibility of facing challenges facing.

Poker is a card game in a number of variants around the world. Poker is originally from North America, however, can be played in private households, poker clubs, casinos, and most recently over the Internet. Poker was originally known as “As Nas” or “Primero”. As Nas was a card game played with 20 cards and bluffing played an important role. Primero was a card game that involved betting and value of card hands. Such hands included, pairs, three of a kind, and three of the same suit- which was referred to as a “flux”. Flux was used to derive the term “flush” in the modern day poker game.

As time passed, Poker evolved in terms of rules and how to play. It was not until the mid-1800’s when poker adapted to be played with a 52-card deck as we know it today. Poker continued to increase its popularity globally, especially throughout the United States.

Today, poker ranks amongst the most popular casino game played and is available in a number of variants. The evolution of the Internet has increased the popularity of Poker, as it is more widely available and accessible. Online Poker has also lead to more players participating in this exciting casino game. It has also been said, more players play poker online than in land based casinos.

Whether you find yourself playing in your favourite land based or right here at Golden Riviera Casino, beginner players will always feel a little overwhelmed. To help all the beginner players find their feet, Golden Riviera Casino offers a FREE complimentary e-book that will have you playing like a pro in no time.

The e-book can even help advanced players brush up on their skills with some handy tips. Get everything there is to know including some fun poker facts.

We’ve even peppered the text with some fun Poker facts – we believe that a good video Poker Guide should contain everything you need to know.This exclusive ebook contains:
  • History 
  • Poker Lingo
  • Rise of Poker
  • Playing The Game
  • Rules of Poker
  • Poker Variations
  • Poker Hands
  • Poker Strategy
 beginners guide to poker

This FREE Poker e-book contains everything you need to know to play like a pro. You will learn about the rules, strategies, variants, different hand rankings, helpful tips, and get some insight into the history of this immaculate card game.

The e-book from Golden Riviera Casino can also be useful for advanced players, who will find some useful tips that will polish up their game strategy. Nonetheless, this informative e-book will give players the edge they need to win some epic payouts.